bloodchant: A direct sequel, and the magical rules to the world of Helboria, Bloodchant is set of rules for the Bloodbath series of games. Published in 1988 by my own publication company, TC International. This is another example of my ability to write, edit, design, and finish complete role-playing games. Bloodchant is a ruthless game … More Bloodchant

Game Diary

Amidst all of my hobbies I still try to save some time to do game design.  There is something very magical and soothing about writing the rules to a new game.  My mind can easily imagine the countless scenarios of combat, intrigue, and puzzles that come of a successful, or even unsuccessful, night of rolling … More Game Diary

A New Look

My poor blog devoted to my game Bloodbath has not had much attention over the last year.  I am hoping to change this in the coming months.  The first thing I have done is spruced up the look of the blog, although I admit I am not overly satisfied with the current view and may … More A New Look

Iron Age Born

Iron Age is a role-playing game set in history and not a fantasy realm. There are no elves, dwarves, or dragons in the game, but that does not mean adventures will lack rich  mystery, fabulous spoils of war, or be any less dangerous than in more traditional fantasy games. Instead of players choosing to play … More Iron Age Born

Welcome To Bloodbath

Welcome to the official blog for the upcoming second edition of the role-playing game Bloodbath. Bloodbath is a brutal, bloodthirsty game of combat, conquest, and magic. The game transports the players to the world of Helboria, a wicked and cruel world riff with blood curdling horrors, ghastly priests, haughty wizards, and ichor drenched warriors. The … More Welcome To Bloodbath