Iron Age Born

Iron Age is a role-playing game set in history and not a fantasy realm. There are no elves, dwarves, or dragons in the game, but that does not mean adventures will lack rich  mystery, fabulous spoils of war, or be any less dangerous than in more traditional fantasy games. Instead of players choosing to play an exotic fantasy race, they will select from a myriad of real world civilizations and historical professions. The aspirations of the characters are often the same as in any saga; the fight for survival, the battle between good and evil, rescuing the weak, conquering the wicked and strong, justice for the naive, glory, and aggrandizement of lore and bounty.

The magic of Iron Age is not in glowing weapons of power or the haughty wizards that command power from another dimension, but from the ritualized practice of Christianity and other religions and the quest for iron over bronze and other inferior materials. A game well played can be both educational but very fun, learning how early cultures sought a better life often through conflict with the many kingdoms and clans that dotted the landscape before great nations arose.

Iron Age is a traditional role-playing game in every sense of the term. Although the rules are concise, they are full of attributes, statistics, skills, and a plethora of old fashion dice tossing fun.

The game can be played as a single player encounter system such as a death match, or as an ongoing role-playing session. The book is devoted to telling the story of early cultures by detailing a number of ancient civilizations and the iron technology that they used to conquer the lands and surrounding people around the tenth century BC.

The GameMaster has in his hands the rules and histories needed to craft elegant yet awe-inspiring stories of adventure, travel, battle, and the spoils of war.

Players get to chose from a myriad of ancient civilizations and test their tactical combat skills with Iron Age weapons and armor. The game book is as much about learning the rules of the game as it is a basic textbook on the history of ancient Europe.

Both the GameMaster and players are encouraged to study the rules not just for points on playing the game, but the many stories and sidebars of additional history that will add flavor and a richness to playing the game. As much as this is about imagining the grand exploits and adventures in a world unknown it is also about learning the historical legacy that we all have in common.

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Welcome To Bloodbath

Welcome to the official blog for the upcoming second edition of the role-playing game Bloodbath. Bloodbath is a brutal, bloodthirsty game of combat, conquest, and magic. The game transports the players to the world of Helboria, a wicked and cruel world riff with blood curdling horrors, ghastly priests, haughty wizards, and ichor drenched warriors. The game can be played strictly as a board game or more free flowing as a continuing saga of a role-playing game. With the use of paper, pencils, and traditional six-sided dice the players of the game can participate in blood curdling dungeon crawls and explore of ancient ruins filled with undead atrocities.

Return often as I add content in the form of pictures, diagrams, instructions, and updates on the progress of the game.

My original blog The Emerald Tablet presently have information about the game and some test pdfs that one can try the game.  At some point the page will be removed and moved to this site.  Take a look here: Bloodbath@EmeraldTablet for more information on  the game.

Bloodbath Playtesters Needed

I am in the need of gamers willing to test out the rules of Bloodbath.  It is a rather straight forward role-playing game with easy to understand rules, but there is always issues and contentions with balance of characters vs. monsters and more importantly various character builds.

I am also looking for GameMasters to host games and to expand the world of Helboria adding their own content to the developing saga to be released soon.

If you are interested in taking part as either a player, GameMaster, or someone who is just interested in looking over the rules, contact me at:

Email me here


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